Here you find two precompiled archive of tuxracer 0.61 for MacOSX. Game includes Sound, runs at nice speed, fullscreen - on my mac 1600x1000 with about 250fps.

The first Version is a compiled but unistalled tar.gz archive of the source folder:
You still need developer tools for installation. Also you must launch the Application from the terminal. Skip to the bottom of the Page if you need something more clickable!.
This is rather posted for helping people which were not able to compile the program and want to find out why it did not work on their machines then a click and play distribution of the game.
- download
- unpack the tar.gz ( tar -zxf tuxracer-0.61.tar.gz )
- open a terminal, change to the directory of the archive
- do a "make install":
- if "make install" throws an error about missing install in /sw/bin: if you do not have fink installed, make a symlink from /usr/bin to /sw/bin. Probably better: If you have fink installed, install fileutils with "sudo fink install fileutils"
tuxracer will be installed in /usr/local/bin
dont forget to download the courses from somwhere else and install them in /usr/local/share/tuxracer. If you do not, there is nothing to play.
Naturally you do download and play this game at your own risk. Also there is no support. If you are missing some libraries ( mainly sdl and sdl mixer ) you will have a problem.

Ok, no more Text. Have fun. HERE ist the link to the file.

Now, the nicer Version:

This is a precompiled package with a clickable Application. All important libraries included. Uncompress and mount the Image, read the instructions, install X11 and the data-files. Play.
Download here.