tar.gz download and instructions

Get mpgtx for Macintosh, a mpeg editor for cutting, joining, demuxing and getting info on most kinds of mpg files:

I got some report the installer wont open. I currently have no solution, I believe the 10.2 packager maker is not compatible to all older OSX versions. So here is, what you can do to install without the installer:
Download mpgtx Version 1.3 as tar.gz file.
The older mpgtx Version 1.2 as tgz is still availible here.
- move the file to the root-directory of you startup drive
- open a terminal
- type "cd /" and hit the enter key
- type "sudo tar -zxf mpgtx12.tar.gz" and hit the enter key
- authenticate with your password

all files should then be unpacked to the correct location.
If you dont trust the contents, make a new directory somwhere else and execute the unpack commands there. Then you could move the files to the right locations by hand. But for this you must login as root.
The locations are:
/usr/local/bin for the mpgtx binary and the symlinks
/usr/local/man/man1 for the man-files (you may skip them if you use the GUI for OSX)

I hope this works for all who have trouble with the installer.