Midnight commander for OSX including gtk Support for X

2002-09-18: I made a new attempt to compile mc for 10.2. Success. New is built in gtk support. So now you have a nice file manager for X-Windows with this mc if you use gmc in X. Also the new Apple Terminal makes it possible to use the Function keys up to F10 with mc. Mouse still only with X. Download the binary of mc-4.5.55 for OSX 10.2 here. It a tar and gzipped directory with a readme and a apple installer package (which works only in 10.2!).

2002-09-13:I now made a separate page for the mad audio decoder GUI-wrapper: click here to jump to the page.
2002-08-21:looks like the dylibs on 10.2 have changed. This MC does not work any more on 10.2. Please check back soon, I will try to make a new Version which runs on 10.2 too.

To check if some standard Linux stuff works, it did port the mc, midnight commander to MacOSX.
you may download from the link below.
New Version:
I packaged the files an put them on a Disk-Image with a Readme-File. I Also Compiled in X-Windows Support so you have full keyboard support if you are running X. SMB support is also in mc, so you can connect to a Windows-share from mc.
Download mc-4.5.55osx.dmg.sit here.
With this new Version you dont need any more ungzip untar ... Klick and install, of course at your own risk.


Older Version:
I did not get the function keys to work in OSX (from X-windows they do work, but not the Cursor keys), so you have to type ESC-0 for F10 and so on.
If you dont like things which must be done with the terminal, just dont download and install!
Install instructions (not very nice):
- open a terminal
- sudo -s
- cd to the directory where the archive is
- cp mc455-osx.tar.gz /usr/local
- cd /usr/local
- tar -zxvf mc455-osx.tar.gz
- exit
- cd ~
- touch .cshrc
- if you are using tcsh as your shell then do a:
echo setenv PATH {$PATH}:/usr/local/bin >> .cshrc
echo alias mc mc -u -c >> .cshrc
- if you use bash as your then then do a:
echo PATH={$PATH}:/usr/local/bin >> .bashrc
echo alias mc mc -u -c >> .bashrc
(if you dont like the colors of mc, remove the "-c" from the alias !)

close the terminal, reopen, type "mc" to start the midnight commander!
have fun and tell me if it does not work!